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Color Stain

Grow your vision with
Dominique Alyse Studios!

At our studio, we specialize in surface design for the fashion, home, and stationary industries. Our inspiration comes straight from Mother Nature herself, resulting in original artwork that's rooted in beauty, harmony, and balance. We've got everything from floral repeats to dazzling recolors, perfect for any petal-lovin' occasion you can think of! So come smell the roses and see what we've got in store!

Stop and smell the flowers with a sneak peek of our blooming new collection, featuring exclusive and one-of-a-kind floral prints that stay ahead of the trends every month. Our designs go wide and deep, so no matter what you need, we've got you covered.

We're over the moon to team up with the most imaginative minds from all around the world, blooming with creativity! Feast your eyes on these stunning floral pieces crafted by our clients. As a pivotal part of their creative process, we're honored to inspire and support their growth.

Our Clients & Retailers

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Clients and Retailers-01.jpg
Clients and Retailers-03.jpg
Clients and Retailers-02.jpg
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