Deep V Neck Beaded Gown 1


Spring 2020

"I’ve always had a fascination with nature, the body, the mind, and the connection between the three. It’s sometimes hard to define how things happen, let alone why, but I think it’s interesting how we, the human race, use storytelling as a means to make sense of the world around us. Being connected and having a sense of belonging is important to me and, as a designer, it is paramount to create that feeling for my customers."

Connect is a collection inspired by the feeling of belonging to something greater. In my research, I took imagery from surrealist paintings, ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, and oceanic creatures. In my work, I focused on creating fluidity through the element of a line as well as a sense of depth through the multiple layers in textile development.

Overall, each garment was carefully crafted to embody this concept and function. With this collection, I hope to encourage others to be more purposeful with their work, their words, and their actions. Because in the end, we are all connected.